The Authentic Voice
The Authentic Voice is a dual-layer DVD that is bound into the journalism textbook of the same name published by Columbia University Press. The text and DVD are used to teach reporting on race and ethnicity, and feature interviews with the writer/producers of some of the outstanding journalism in this area. The DVD contains over three hours of video, consisting of 21 individual videos. Each video is cross-indexed by topic and journalist, with each index entry linking to a section of video. In addition, each story has a series of classroom discussion questions that are also linked to video. The disc has a deep menu system and over 300 active links between the various menus and the video stories. Stuart Math was involved in designing the navigational structure as well as being the author of this dual-layer disc. (More)
The Destination College Collection
A collection of five videos on one DVD, produced for the College Board. The disc uses several levels of menus to facilitate navigation to the individual titles. This DVD is distributed without charge to every high school in the United States. The content is in English and Spanish and is sub-titled.

An instructional DVD produced for the College Board to be used by high schools who want to administer practice essay tests to their students. The video is divided into individual chapters to facilitate navigation during the training sessions. Sub-titled.



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