Expect More Than a Baby
New parents encounter many unexpected adjustments in life-style following the birth of their first child. Ignorance about what to expect can compound the post-partum anxiety they often experience. Post-Partum Adjustment: Expect More Than A Baby! addresses these changes.

Co-produced by Stuart Math Films and Mindy Malecki, in conjunction with Stephen Jensik, M.D., Ph.D., and Elizabeth Wrigley, Certified Nurse Midwife, the program is designed as an aide for health educators, practitioners, hospitals, and parental discussion groups. The idea for the film grew out of Malecki’s own post-partum experience with the birth of her daughter.

The documentary features interviews with 12 parents, and shows viewers that they are not alone with their problems. The parents interviewed in Expect More Than A Baby! discuss their experiences with, and solutions for, common post-partum problems, such as time management, regaining intimacy, sleep deprivation, finding child care, and other areas that are not routinely addressed in birthing classes or doctors' offices.

Expect More Than A Baby! does not give medical advice or address clinical post-partum depression, instead, it provides emotional support for new parents and shows that the not-so-joyous side of having babies may be inevitable, but that it's manageable and worth it.

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